Friday, November 16, 2018

Out today: DEAD WAVES - God of the Wild

Dead Waves' new album God of the Wild is out today on Entheon Records. Recorded by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Brian Eno) at his Brooklyn studio, BC Studio, God of the Wild is a dark, haunting experience that blurs lines between urban and rural, modern and ancient, heavy rock and fragile folk. It is Dead Waves’ sixth, and most experimental, release. 

At times delicate and somber, at times psychedelic and raging, God of the Wild is soulful and convincing from start to finish. Nodding to their Greek heritage, the brothers Teddy and Nick Panopoulos incorporate ancient Greek instruments (lyre, wooden flute) on certain songs, in addition to vocals, guitars, and analog synth. They call this style, "ancient future."

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"Bridging the gap between experimental rock and some sort of unknown, barbarous folk music... The album effectively sways back and forth between these types of song forms, haunting yet melodic rock-scapes and trance-inducing forest jams. At times, one can picture Sonic Youth covering Neil Young’s iconic soundtrack for the movie 'Dead Man.' On tracks like 'Cousin of Magiic' the guitar work simultaneously invokes the woodsy black metal of Wolves in the Throne Room and the grasping melodies of Indian ragas."
–Burning Ambulance 

"Dead Waves' music is like life itself – heavy, fragile, and full of cosmic pain!"
–Cvlt Nation

"A dark, haunting experience."

–New Noise

"A broad soundscape somewhere between heavy psych and post-rock, notable for its lack of drums and the naturalism in the interaction between voice and instrument..."

–The Obelisk

"The vibe is dark, fragile, haunting."

–Echoes and Dust

"'God Of The Wild' is an understated soundtrack to a cataclysm that may or may not have happened yet... Their mix of indie rock attitude, downtempo melodies, and psychedelic introspection is a sonic harbinger of doom, but still manages to squeeze in some playful moments along the way..."
–Everything Is Noise

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