Friday, November 16, 2018

AVOLA - Shhh

Avola has unveiled the new music video for "Shhh," a track off her debut album, Zone.

Watch the horrific, hilarious, lysergic nightmare of a video, directed by artist Nico Daunt, here:
Avola is the newest project by Portland-based electronic musician Veronica Avola: a dark mix of dissonant, glitchy vibes and soaring, droning transcendence. Zone is a film score without a film – vivid and intense, teetering between dystopian nightmare and glimpses of euphoria, and sparking comparisons to Wolf Eyes, among others. It was recorded in a house in the desert near Joshua Tree, California.

Zone is out now on cassette, vinyl, and digital, via Brooklyn label Sleeping Giant Glossolalia – home to music by a wide swath of avant-heavy music by such artists as Mick Barr, Multicult, Insect Ark, Stern, Growing, and Vaz.

Next shows:
Nov 17 - Portland, OR @ Kenton Club
Dec 16 - Portland, OR @ Turn Turn Turn
Dec 21 - Seattle, WA @ Chapel Performance Space

Further info:

"Glitchy, squelching soundscapes that are sometimes a little synth-rock, sometimes like eerie soundtrack music, occasionally ugly dissonance and just pure sonic confusion."

"This record reminds me of the sonic areas explored by Wolf Eyes and their fellow psych-noise travelers shortly after the turn of the century... Bristly, finicky musical organisms..."

Photo of Avola, by Bilbo
Stills from "Shhh" video, by Nico Daunt

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