Saturday, November 10, 2018


Cult and Culture 8
"Like our previous podcast, this one is a bit odd for us. It was a mix of entities that we are drawn to, and in our minds, makes sense to have on one episode. We love Cattle Decapitation, Travis Ryan is family and one of the raddest vocalists in modern times, so having him on our podcast seems pretty obvious. However, this episode also features Dave Hall and Vivek Venkatesh who are the director and producer of the upcoming Longmont Potion Castle documentary. For those of you out there who are not aware of LPC, please do yourself a favor and look into it! LPC is something that a lot of us musicians from San Diego grew up on. It’s almost synonymous with playing in a band. And to sort of tie everything together, there is a 'hidden track' on Cattle Decapitation’s “Human Jerky” CD, released by Three One G, which features Longmont Potion Castle. Here in this podcast you can hear us discuss the relevance of crank calls, and the antics of LPC in how they influenced a community of musicians and artists."
- Justin Pearson, Cult and Culture Podcast Co-Host

Listen to the newest episode of podcast Cult and Culture, via Brooklyn Vegan, here.

There’s also an Indiegogo campaign for the Longmont Potion Castle film, and you can read more about the film at that link. In advance of the LPC documentary movie of the same name,  Burger Records is also releasing a soundtrack to “Where In The Hell Is The Lavender House?”

It will be available on 180 gram lavender vinyl, and includes a photo insert and digital download.

Catch up on all episodes of Cult and Culture podcast, via iTunes, here, or through Three One G’s Soundcloud, here.

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