Wednesday, August 14, 2019

COARSE + Street Sects

COARSE teams up with Street Sects on new "Untitled" remix track from upcoming "Cut and Preserved" EP; Revolver premieres music video

"Self-described 'feral rock' duo Coarse specializes in a particularly corrosive brand of chaotic hardcore. Think Botch, Converge, Cult Leader, Candy, et al. Their forthcoming EP sees the group roaming down new abrasive avenues, however, exploring the sounds of industrial metal, hip-hop and more."

"The band’s upcoming new EP, 'Cut and Preserved' – a precursor to a full-length the band has planned for next year on 6131 Records – adds a heavy industrial influence to the mix, as if Coalesce and Author & Punisher fell into a vat of mutating slime, and were disposed of in the sewers of Manhattan to rot for a decade or more."

Coarse has revealed new single "Untitled (Only Death Remix)."

"Untitled (Only Death Remix)" features guest vocals by Street Sects frontman Leo Ashline and appears on Coarse's upcoming Cut and Preserved EP, out August 23rd on 6131 Records.

Watch the official music video for "Untitled (Only Death Remix)," created by Chariot of Black Moth, here:

Stream the track and pre-order the EP, here:

Coarse is the bicoastal duo of Brandon Gallagher and Ryan Knowles. The band stormed out of the gate in 2018 with its debut EP, I, laying down a chaotic hardcore sound which Revolver described as "r
ough and tumble, violent and furious, owing a debt to noisy, acrobatic hardcore heroes such as Botch while breaking into furious Crossed Out–style blasting hatred.”

Comprising one new track and three remixes, the Cut and Preserved EP is a stunning detour into the electronic realm that was only lurking in the shadows on Coarse's debut. Ominous, hypnotic industrial-metal of the Godflesh variety brushes up against noise and hip-hop elements, as musical fragments from the debut get totally reanimated in this new context. In addition to Street Sects' Leo Ashline, the EP features guest work from members of The Armed, Precious Death, and Hash Gordon.

Drummer/vocalist Brandon Gallagher says:

"When Ryan and I started Coarse we pretty much made it clear that we weren't going to get too caught up in any specific niche, and I think collaborating with Street Sects on a heavier industrial/electronic track really exemplifies that. Everything they do with that project is really cool and is always changing and evolving, which is extremely inspiring."

He says the "Untitled (Only Death Remix)" music video is "best viewed with eye clamps, A Clockwork Orange–style."

Thursday, August 8, 2019

WINGTIPS - "Here and Now"

WINGTIPS: Chicago darkwave duo debuts new "Here and Now" single from upcoming "Exposure Therapy" album; North American tour approaches

Wingtips have premiered "Here and Now," the third single from upcoming debut album Exposure Therapy, via Big Takeover.

Stream the track, here:

Exposure Therapy will be released August 23rd on Artoffact Records.

Pre-order, pre-add, and pre-save the album, here:

From Chicago, Wingtips is the duo of Vincent Segretario and Hannah Avalon. With an impeccable sound and look, the band creates dark anthems that blend synth-driven danceability and yearning romanticism, reminiscent of The Cure, early Ministry, and more.

A recent Revolver Magazine write-up compares Wingtips to Drab Majesty and hails the band as a "devastating twosome." calls them "immensely talented... a hybrid of post-punk and dark synth-pop – as if The Cure and Depeche Mode circa 1983 were to come together in a studio in Berlin."

Wingtips embark on an extensive North American tour in August, including slots on Cold Waves VIII in Chicago, Absolution Festival in Tampa, and much more.

Aug 27 - Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge  $
Aug 28 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
Aug 30 - Boise, ID @ The Shredder
Aug 31 - Seattle, WA @ Belltown Yacht Club
Sep 4 - Vancouver, BC @ The Astoria
Sep 5 - Portland, OR @ The Lovecraft
Sep 6 - Oakland, CA @ The Uptown  %
Sep 8 - San Diego, CA @ The Whistle Stop
Sep 10 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Moroccan
Sep 11 - Phoenix, AZ @ Lunchbox
Sep 12 - El Paso, TX @ Rockhouse
Sep 13 - San Antonio, TX @ The Amp Room  &
Sep 14 - Austin, TX @ Empire  &
Sep 15 - Dallas, TX @ Three Links
Sep 17 - Tulsa, OK @ The Starlite
Sep 18 - Kansas City, MO @ miniBar
Sep 20 - Chicago, IL @ Cold Waves Festival
Sep 26 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Spirit
Sep 28 - Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar  +
Sep 30 - Richmond, VA @ Banditos  +
Oct 2 - Raleigh, NC @ The Wicked Witch  +
Oct 5 - Tampa, FL @ Absolution Festival  +
Oct 10 - Nashville, TN @ Drkmttr
Oct 11 - Louisville, KY @ Art Sanctuary
Oct 16 - Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory
Oct 17 - Toronto, ON @ The Boat
Oct 19 - Newark, NJ @ QXT's

# = w/ Silent Servant, Fee Lion
$ = w/ Plack Blague DJ set
% = w/ Ash Code
& = w/ Twin Tribes
+ = w/ Korine

Photo by Alexus McLane

CLOUD RAT - "Seven Heads"

CLOUD RAT debuts new track "Seven Heads" from upcoming "Pollinator" album; tour with Kælan Mikla approaches

Cloud Rat has unveiled new song "Seven Heads" today via an exclusive premiere with Decibel.

Stream "Seven Heads," here:

"Seven Heads" appears on Cloud Rat's upcoming, fourth full-length album, Pollinator, due out September 13th on Artoffact Records.

Pre-order, pre-add, and pre-save the album, here:

"Seven Heads" rips through speakers with a mix of death metal and grindcore, while haunting synths swell deep underneath. Cloud Rat guitarist Rorik Brooks describes the song as "somewhere between Coffins, Morbid Angel, Discordance Axis, and Deftones," also acknowledging sci-fi masters Ray Bradbury and David Cronenberg as lyrical inspirations. Like many of Pollinator's songs, "Seven Heads" addresses the potential lethality of the internet. Brooks says, "[Vocalist] Madison Marshall was thinking of the Cronenberg film, The Brood, and took that kind of surreal body-horror vibe and married it to modern delusional terror, i.e. social media, where every day our brains are pollinated constantly by different emotions, ideologies and identity delusions."

Over the past ten years, Cloud Rat has established itself as one of the most compelling bands in the underground – releasing four full-length albums, eleven EPs and splits, a live album, and various other comps, the prolific Michigan trio has made a name for itself via sheer emotion and musical freedom. Emerging from the space where hardcore punk spirals into grindcore, Cloud Rat incorporates musical influences from across the map – black metal, death metal, noise, folk, and beyond – all while retaining its realness and urgency.

Brooks states, "Pollinator is our most complete and accomplished work yet. It is the quintessence of everything we've tried to say and do before, and it's kind of fitting that we are coming up on a decade of being a band together."

Upcoming shows include a week of US dates with labelmates Kælan Mikla and more.

Cloud Rat, live:
Aug 30 - Chicago IL @ Scorched Tundra Fest
Sep 2 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's w/ Kælan Mikla
Sep 3 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Kælan Mikla
Sep 4 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery w/ Kælan Mikla
Sep 5 - Richmond, VA @ Wonderland w/ Kælan Mikla
Sep 6 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar w/ Kælan Mikla
Sep 7 - New Orleans, LA @ Santos w/ Kælan Mikla
Sep 8 - Austin, TX @ Barracuda w/ Kælan Mikla
Sep 13 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery w/ Pig Destroyer
Sep 14 - Hudson, NY @ Basilica Soundscape
May 2020 - Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest

Cloud Rat photo by Jason Tipton

Friday, August 2, 2019

Out today: MULTICULT - Simultaneity Now

Multicult's fifth full-length album, Simultaneity Now, is out today on Learning Curve Records. 

Stream the album and buy, here:

And here:

"Over the past decade, Baltimore’s Multicult have earned their reputation as one of this era’s best and most consistent noise rock bands. Set to release their fifth album, 'Simultaneity Now,' on August 2nd via Learning Curve Records, the band remain of the best and brightest. Pushing the noise rock framework in new directions with a relaxed sonic freedom and a deeper understanding of their own goals, the album sounds as vital as ever."

"Noise rock, as a genre, provides a home for a cadre of secretly virtuoso musicians. The focus isn’t on shredding and pyrotechnic playing as much as maneuvering through strange time signatures and a thorough command of instrumental sounds and textures... This is certainly the case with Baltimore-based trio Multicult. Consisting of Nick Skrobisz of The Wayward on guitar and vocals, Rebecca Burchette (ex-Fight Amp) on bass, and Jake Cregger of Triac and Backslider on drums, the trio bring a wealth of talent and experience to bear on their fifth full-length, 'Simultaneity Now,' due out August 2 via Learning Curve Records."
–Burning Ambulance

"With the new 'Simultaneity Now' out on Friday August 2, Multicult provide yet another reason to love Baltimore."
–Scene Point Blank

"'Simultaneity Now,' the band’s fifth album, extends the trio’s streak of crafting the finest updates on the rattling noise-rock Touch & Go and Amphetamine-Reptile used to put out, spiked with the rhythmic pummel of 1980s industrial throb... And five albums in, Multicult’s remarkable consistency has resulted in a world-building sonic landscape all its own. Skrobisz’s lyrics feel intentionally difficult to make out, a scream struggling to be heard amid the actual and virtual noise overcrowding our headspaces. Rhythmically, the band straddles metal’s heaviness and dance music’s pulsating tempos, and such steely combinations often result in a futuristic Birthday Party-ish primal scream. 
–Baltimore Fishbowl


On tour:

1 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery w/ City of Caterpillar
2 - Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge w/ Super Thief
3 - Durham, NC @ The Pinhook w/ Super Thief
4 - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl w/ Super Thief
5 - Chattanooga, TN @ The Spot w/ Super Thief
6 - New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar w/ Super Thief
7 - Austin, TX @ Barracuda w/ Super Thief
9 - Chicago, IL @ Co-Prosperity Sphere w/ Tongue Party
10 - Minneapolis, MN @ Mortimer's w/ Tongue Party
11 - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Tongue Party
13 - Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern w/ Tongue Party
15 - Seattle, WA @ Clock Out Lounge w/ Tongue Party
16 - Portland, OR @ High Water Mark w/ Tongue Party
17 - Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room w/ Tongue Party
18 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Lexington w/ Tongue Party

13 - Portland, ME @ Geno's w/ Vincas
14 - Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory w/ Vincas
15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb's w/ Vincas


Out today: JONNY COUCH - Mystery Man

Jonny Couch's debut full-length album, Mystery Man, is out today on Damaged Sofa Records. Produced by Peter Mavrogeorgis (Grinderman, Sharon Van Etten, The National). 

Stream the album and buy, here:

"Soulful, synth-laced pop."
–New Noise

"Couch’s songs are gems... from infectious rockers to contemplative ballads. They all descend directly from the power pop and New Wave greats of the late ’70s and early ’80s."
–Big Takeover

"The charming 80s aesthetic and catchy melodies are sure to tickle the pop sensibilities of any self respecting ’80s devotee."

"Roxy Music meets 'No Jacket Required'-era Phil Collins... Atmospheric synths, shimmering and angular guitars, a motorik-like groove, a soaring hook and Couch’s plaintive vocals... underpinned by an earnest sense of late night loneliness and longing."
–Joy of Violent Movement

Aug 14 - Brooklyn, NY @ Our Wicked Lady

Oct 11 - Denton, TX @ Backyard on Bell
Oct 13 – Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlies

Further info:

Photo by Kelsey Wagner

Thursday, August 1, 2019

INUS + Decibel: Album Stream & Video Premiere

“The Institute for Navigating the Universal Self may sound more than a little hippy-dippy and academic than the blood, fire, death and swords and tequila we customarily introduce you to via our website, but know that the San Diego trio prefer to use the acronym INUS and that their sound and presentation is anything but customary.”
-Decibel Magazine

Stream Western Spaghettification in its entirety and watch the video for "Time is a Person," via Decibel Magazine, here.

INUS (aka The Institute for Navigating the Universal Self) is a pre-postapocalyptic, post-honky-tonk-prog-skronk, space Tropicalia, math-lounge powersilence trio from San Diego, California. Poking fun at the failed for-profit universities of yesteryear, the band’s live performance interweaves blistering, calculated bursts of noise with educational slideshows that riff on subversive political commentary, dada-surrealist sci-fi, scathing social critique, fake news, space cults, infomercials, spoofs on the Department of Defense, and shout-outs to corporate sponsors. The result is an unapologetically bold, utterly ridiculous, and serious-as-all-hell multimedia showcase of sophisticated polyrhythms and hog-wild-future-amusement-park timbres with vocals ranging from ring-modded falsetto to rumbling Tuvan throat skronking. INUS was originally formed as a two-piece under the name Innerds in 2011 by guitarist/vocalist Bobby Bray (The Locust, Holy Molar) and drummer Brandon Relf (Sleeping People). The band has shared the bill with left-field luminaries including 2UP, Head Wound City, The Molecules, Corima, Retox, Upsilon Acrux, Bastard Noise, Horse Lords, and Atomic Ape. Joined by bassist Chad Deal (Phantom Twins) in 2016, Innerds was reborn as INUS and finished the recording of Western Spaghettification.

Western Spaghettification will be released digitally as well as on red vinyl through Three One G Records on August 9th. Preorder, here.

The title of the album itself is a play on words referring to the movie genre spaghetti western, which were westerns filmed in Italy, and the actual physics term “spaghettification,” which is what happens if you cross the event horizon of a black hole. The 8-song opus probes the event horizon of Western civilization in a series of pummeling outbursts beginning with “Time is a Person,” a proctologist’s-eye-view through the fourth dimension wherein archetypal heroes, tyrants, and everyday NPCs gurgle into existence periodically to play out their parts. Other topics addressed include government cover-ups/disinformation, gender biased communication, drug abuse, and the idea that atomic bomb detonations may be detectable in parallel dimensions. While listening to “We Are Our Computers’ Genitalia,” we are faced with such questions regarding being the first generations in the digital age, and what happens to our concept of self when physically engaged with the Internet for hours at a time (is it empowerment or distraction?).

Western Spaghettification LP:
1. Time is a Person
2. Kajillions and Bazillions
3. Whose Methane Gas is on Mars?
4. We Are Our Computers’ Genitalia
5. There Was a Fish in the Percolator 
6. For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls
7. This is Not Proper Notification
8. Western Spaghettification


KÆLAN MIKLA: Icelandic trio to embark on first US tour; includes Pasadena Daydream Festival, Cold Waves Festival, Cloud Rat dates, and more; Revolver premieres live video

Iceland's Kælan Mikla embarks on its first-ever US tour, kicking off August 31st in Los Angeles at Pasadena Daydream Festival (with The Cure, Pixies, Deftones, and more).

Tearing across the country over the course of three weeks, the tour includes stops at Cold Waves Festival and Murder of Crows Festival, as well as dates with Artoffact Records labelmates Cloud Rat. The tour also sees the band play Mexico for the first time.

From Reykjavik, Kælan Mikla is a uniquely thrilling band on the rise, marrying raw punk aggression, thumping beats, and a dark, fairy-tale vision specific to its native Iceland. Third album Nótt eftir nótt was released in 2018 on Artoffact Records, to wide acclaim. Noisey stated: "'Nótt eftir nótt' blends the mystical and euphoric with cold, hard synth and icy darkwave vibes; it's a digital ice sculpture, wrought in slick 'Blade Runner' tones and breathy, eerie vocals." Revolver called it, "searing post-punk/darkwave... It's a must for fans of dark music."

Today, Revolver premieres a new music video for the song "Hvernig kemst ég upp?" from Nótt eftir nótt, consisting of footage shot live during the band's European tour this year:

Kælan Mikla – 2019 US tour:

Aug 31 - Los Angeles, CA @ Pasadena Daydream Festival
Sep 1 - Brooklyn, NY @ Murder of Crows Festival
Sep 2 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's **
Sep 3 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie **
Sep 4 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery **
Sep 5 - Richmond, VA @ Wonderland **
Sep 6 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar **
Sep 7 - New Orleans, LA @ Santos **
Sep 8 - Austin, TX @ Barracuda **
Sep 9 - Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge 
Sep 10 - Tijuana, MX @ Moustache Bar
Sep 11 - San Diego, CA @ Space
Sep 12 - San Francisco, CA @ Cold Waves Festival
Sep 13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Cold Waves Festival
Sep 15 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon 
Sep 17 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
Sep 18 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
Sep 19 - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
Sep 20 - Minneapolis, MN @ Part Wolf
Sep 21 - Chicago, IL @ Cold Waves Festival

** = w/ Cloud Rat


Kælan Mikla on Spotify:
Kælan Mikla on Bandcamp:
Kælan Mikla on Instagram:
Kælan Mikla on Facebook:

Photo by Dean Kemball