Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SET AND SETTING + BrooklynVegan + Invisible Oranges

"Metallic chug to trippy psychedelia to soaring post-rock beauty... Like Russian Circles teaming with early Pink Floyd."

"Melancholic beauty suspended in the clouds with a birds-eye view of epic terrain... Soul-searing leads and shimmering, bending guitars that convey feelings of wonder and introspection."

Brooklyn Vegan and Invisible Oranges have teamed up to present a joint premiere of new Set and Setting song "The Mirrored Self." The song appears on the St. Petersburg, Florida band's upcoming third album Reflectionless.

Listen, here:

Driven by two drummers laying down a thunderous base, Set and Setting brings an aggressive edge to its resplendent, instrumental rock. On latest single "The Mirrored Self," relentless chugs and soaring leads layer together into a song possessing bite and beauty – BrooklynVegan's Andrew Sacher places the sound between Russian Circles and early Pink Floyd.

Reflectionless was recorded by Ryan Haft (Torche, Wrong) at Black Bear Studios in Gainesville, Florida, and mastered by Ed Brooks 
(R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie) at Resonant Mastering.

The cover, created 
by Samantha Muljat (Earth, Pelican), was inspired by the artwork of Storm Thorgerson of Hipgnosis, as seen on Pink Floyd's album covers.

Set and Setting will self-release Reflectionless on January 27th, 2017, on vinyl, CD and digital formats. The band has teamed up with AWAL (Kobalt) to handle the digital release, and with two labels for exclusive color vinyl options in addition to its regular vinyl pressing: Science of Silence Records (US) and Dunk!Records (EU).

Pre-order Reflectionless, here:

Vinyl and CD - http://setandsetting.merchnow.com/
Digital - http://awal.lnk.to/Reflectionless
Exclusive color vinyl (US) - http://scienceofsilence.limitedrun.com/
Exclusive color vinyl (EU) - https://shop.dunkfestival.com/collections/dunk-records

Having played recent shows with Nothing and True Widow, 
and tours with Mouth of the Architect, Inter Arma, and Kayo Dot, Set and Setting will be touring throughout 2017. A hometown record release show is booked for January 27th in St. Petersburg.

Photo by Ryan Zarra

Friday, December 9, 2016

DOOMSDAY STUDENT "The First Trip" video via Ghettoblaster

See the video for “The First Trip,” via Ghettoblaster, here:

The video for “The First Trip” was directed by Planchette and stars J.M. Wyland, A.M. Ticaric, and T. Giles.
Here, Planchette captures the album’s overall vibe quite well, which seems to be something vaguely “psychedelic”, though not in a conventional sense-- told from a more twisted vantage point that only Doomsday Student can bring to the table: a bit nightmarish, borderline absurd, oddly humorous.

This single is off of Doomsday Student’s newest LP, A Self-Help Tragedy, which was released by Three One G Records on vinyl/digitally and through Skin Graft Records in CD format on December 2nd.

Out today: OvO - Creatura

OvO's ninth album, Creatura, is out today on Dio Drone Records.

Listen, here:

Buy, here:

Enjoy the "Satanam" music video, here:

The veteran Italian duo's raw and dramatic sound is a unique mix of primitive industrial, horror-movie ambience, and noise-rock punishment, led by the theatrically demonic vocals of Stefania Pedretti.

Counting Swans and Diamanda Galas as their biggest influences, Pedretti and co-conspirator Bruno Dorella have spent the past 16 years releasing albums on labels like Load Records (Lightning Bolt, Prurient), and performing across the globe with the likes of Godflesh and Thrones for a total of almost 1,000 shows to date.

"They play music – rhythmic noise, really – that simmers with a flat-affect malice, owing equal debts to extreme metal, noise rock, industrial music, and dark electronica. Lurching metal/noise collages topped with wordless shrieking... Feverish energy... A melodic heart that calls '80s slasher scores to mind."

"Rhythmic, layered, sludgy noise... A David Lynch dance party."

"Dirgy ocean of pulsating noise... It's time to get your freak on."
–Cvlt Nation

"Punctuated by slamming, swampy drums, squalls of feedback and punchy guitar riffs, as well as Stefania Pedretti's no-holds-barred vocal."
–The Quietus

"OvO uses the lexicon of noise and metal obliquely, and Stefania's growl manifests an ancestral femininity that speaks of monsters and ghosts, not as a bogeyman fairytale, but as a manifestation of existent possibilities."
–Noisey Italia

Thursday, December 8, 2016

PLANET B "Attractive Mammals" remix via Ghettoblaster

Listen to, and download for free, the Planet B remix of “Attractive Mammals,” initially featured in Asia Argento’s Incompresa and released as a 7-inch single on Three One G, here:

San Diego-based project Planet B is Justin Pearson (The Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Retox), Gabe Serbian (The Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Zu), and Luke Henshaw (Sonido de la Frontera, First Power Crew).  The three have worked together in varying capacities over the years, but began working together more extensively for their contributions to the soundtrack of Asia Argento’s film, Incompresa, which starred Charlotte Gainsbourg. An amalgamation of the hip hop, noise, horror, and punk worlds that have shaped each of them (and that they’ve also each helped shape), the project is currently working on their debut LP, which is a follow up to their 7” single released by Three One G last year. The album will include collaborations with artists such as Martin Atkins (Ministry, PIL, etc.) and Brian Evans (Retox). Planet B is also currently working with Pabst Blue Ribbon to release a track (also a remix of a song featured in the film Incompresa) on a limited edition split 7" single. The split is a collaboration with The Invisibl Skratch Piklz.

GEOMETERS "Patsy" video via Punk News

"Patsy" finds the band morphing between an emo-influenced calm and a frantic, post-punk attack. Meanwhile, the video offers its own ambiguous trail and might have a slight homage to Pulp Fiction.”
--Punk News

View the video for Geometers track, “Patsy,” via Punk News, here:

This video is a single off of Geometers’ newest LP, Pay To Live, which will be released on vinyl/cd/cassette/digitally through Jetsam-Flotsam and Codependent Records on December 2nd. In an effort to empower and protect others post-election, all of the proceeds from pre-orders and the first week of sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Order here.

Pay to Live  is made up of well-orchestrated harmonies, gently plucked melodies and rolling rhythms that give way to more abrasive vocals, drastic chords and powerful percussion. The sound is something in the realm of Dischord Records’ repertoire, which makes sense given the fact that the band has a Dischord release under their collective belts after band member Sam Wadsworth recently recorded bass tracks for Red Hare (members of Swiz) earlier this year. The theme of the album, as the title aptly suggests, is about struggling to get by in the “adult” world. “Patsy” in particular deals with loneliness in the modern world, and having little self-worth while masking emotion in everyday life to get by. Eric Michael Pearson gives these emotions a vision through a woman (Duygu Eser), who is seen wandering through life in an unhappy haze, searching (literally) for some source of light.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


"If you were diligent enough to show up early at this summer's Deftones / Refused tour, you were rewarded with the ultra-dense dream-rock of NYC husband-and-wife duo Spotlights. Mario and Sarah Quintero administer wave after wave of gorgeous '90s-worship distortion that should appeal to any fan of Failure, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver or Hum."

"90s rock, luscious psych and rattling sludge... Like a slowly evaporating dream... Makes you want to headbang with tears in your eyes."

"Is it dreamy as fuck? Yes, but what really makes this band's music stick to my ribs is that it packs the punch-to-the-gut of a sludge album... They are just creating music on their own terms..."
–CVLT Nation

Brooklyn's Spotlights cap off 2016 with the release of new EP, Spiders, now streaming in full via Clrvynt. Listen, here: http://clrvynt.com/spotlights-spiders-ep-premiere/

It's been a big year for the Brooklyn-based married couple, including the release of full-length Tidals and a summer US tour supporting Deftones and Refused.

The Spiders EP features a cover of a song by Danish band Mew, as well as a remix by Isis drummer Aaron Harris, and a reworking of an older song from the vault.

As Clrvynt puts it, the sound is "ultra-dense dream-rock... wave after wave of gorgeous '90s-worship."

Spiders can be ordered direct from the band, here:

Spiders and Tidals are both now available in the UK and Europe via Plastic Head Distribution.

New Yorkers can party with Spotlights this Saturday, December 10th, at the official Spiders EP listening party at Over the Eight in Brooklyn.

Monday, December 5, 2016


“EORÐESLAJYR is a name probably new to our readers, but one to familiarize yourself with. This Irish duo just completely reimagined the score to the classic horror film Haxan from 1922, which is easily one of the most frightening releases of the year.”
–Gear Gods

EORÐESLAJYR talks with Gear Gods about which films they would have loved to score- "a bunch of must see classics from many genres and countries." Check out the list and explanations behind them, here:

EORÐESLAJYR (pronounced Earth Slayer) are an independent Irish avant-garde music trio. Based in Dublin, the band includes local musicians Sam Burton on vocals (Spudgun), Simon Bird on synthesizer, and Tom Morris on guitar (Turning Down Sex). The group originally formed with the intention of writing and performing experimental soundtracks for lesser known cult/silent films. However, their debut effort ‘HÄXAN’ quickly mutated into a complex arrangement involving collaboration with cellist Anna Clock, saxophonist Sam Comerford and percussionist Ross Chaney.

EORÐESLAJYR’s debut album, HÄXAN, was released by Black Mass via cassette (available here), as well as digitally through the band’s Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify, as of October 31st.


BrooklynVegan has premiered new Martin Bisi music video, "Sin-Love-Hate." 

The video is directed by Ego Sensation, bassist of White Hills.

Watch, here:

Bisi – a New York City legend who since the late 1970s has lived and worked out of BC Studio in Brooklyn, recording music by Brian Eno, Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Herbie Hancock, Afrika Bambaataa, Sonic Youth, Swans, Helmet, Boredoms, Unsane, The Dresden Dolls, and many more – is also a solo artist, creating albums of his own over the past three decades. "Sin-Love-Hate" appears on his latest full-length, 2014's Ex Nihilo.

Of the new video, Bisi says, "The song has the theme from Ex Nihilo – that I'm part of a herd of animals, and me, my friends, and the city as a whole act it... Ego wanted me prowling around New York City at night, with the constant herd of cars, and morphing in and out of being a wolf as I perform with a cat-monkey brass band..."

Bisi draws inspiration from across the musical map – references on Ex Nihilo include Brian Eno, The Velvet Underground, opera, and New Orleans. Bisi's dense production method, combined with the unique acoustics of his studio, results in a cryptic and thrilling sound.

Bisi was immortalized in the 2014 documentary, Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio, chronicling his life and 35-year career as a pillar of underground music in New York City and beyond.

"Bisi... the man who contributed to the sound of early hip-hop, avant-garde, and indie rock, might soon finally get recognition... Considering how diverse BC Studio's output has been over the years, there's still something recognizable about the music that Bisi lays his hands on... A certain rawness."

"Bisi has presided over recordings that defined seminal scenes, counting downtown NYC's avant-garde jazz scene, '80s art-rock and '90s Bowery scum-rock. A glance at his stunning, across-the-genre-board discography results in minds blown."


Friday, December 2, 2016


Axis / Seraph the Light, the debut EP documenting the collaboration of Axis and Seraph the Light, is out today on Good Fight Music.

Listen, here:

Buy digital here:

Pre-order vinyl, here (available in January):

Orlando, Florida's Axis and Memphis, Tennessee's Seraph the Light teamed up earlier this year to write and record as one eight-man supergroup. Produced by Jon Nunez of Torche and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full of Hell), the collab sees the new unit pound out an almighty-heavy sound inspired by Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Chelsea Wolfe, and more.

Axis and Seraph the Light begin a short US tour tonight, performing the new songs together onstage.

Axis / Seraph the Light:
Dec 2 - Tampa, FL @ Lucky You Tattoo 
Dec 3 - Margate, FL @ Inkwell Pub 
Dec 4 - Jacksonville, FL @ Nighthawks 
Dec 5 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 
Dec 6 - Nashville, TN @ The End 
Dec 7 - Memphis, TN @ Rock House Live 
Dec 8 - Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse 
Dec 9 - Tallahassee, FL @ Adelaide Schnittman Hall

Axis' latest release, Show Your Greed, was released on Good Fight in 2015. Of that album, Stereogum proclaimed: "If you think fondly of hateful Philly bands like Starkweather and Turmoil; if you were down with Converge and Coalesce back when they played mathy chugga-chugga-stop breakdowns; if you wish Botch, Burnt By The Sun, and Kiss It Goodbye had released more music: congratulations! You have the chutzpah to appreciate the good kind of metalcore... Axis pretty much stick to the established template for this kinda thing on Show Your Greed, but they are so goddamn good at it..."

Axis' next full-length album will be out on Good Fight in 2017. The band has announced a European tour with labelmates 
Of Feather and Bone in February.

Axis, Of Feather and Bone:

Feb 17 - Brussels, BE @ Magasin 4
Feb 21 - Cottbus, DE @ Chekov
Feb 22 - Prague, CZ @ Klub 007
Feb 23 - Budapest, HU @ Durer Kert
Feb 24 - Vienna, AU @ Dasbach
Feb 25 - Zurich, CH @ Klubi
Feb 26 - Genf, CH @ Usine
Feb 28 - Dijon, FR @ Les Tanneries
Mar 1 - Montpelier, FR @ Secret Place
Mar 2 - Rennes, FR @ Mondo Bizarro
Mar 4 - Koblenz, DE @ Juz

Out today: HOLLOW EARTH - Dead Planet

Hollow Earth's new album Dead Planet is out today on Good Fight Music.

Listen, here:


Buy, here:
MerchNow - http://smarturl.it/deadplanet

Produced by Misery Signals' Greg Thomas, Dead Planet features guest appearances by  Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, and Tad Doyle of Tad, and John Pettibone of Heiress. 

Dead Planet fleshes out Hollow Earth's outerspace obsessions via a full-fledged sci-fi storyline, connecting it to the band's previous release, the Parting Remains EP. Concept and music are synced perfectly – monolithic Neurosis-core evokes visions of the interstellar void. Crushing, metallic grooves and radiant melodies paint scenes of grandeur and horror.

"Between profound beauty and earth shattering tribal hits... Sonically precise and larger than life... A benchmark for future releases on Good Fight Music."

–Metal Injection

"Moody, tribal, and groovy... One of the finest metallic hardcore acts on the scene today."


"Slow motion otherworldly sludge jams. They delicately toe the line between Neurosis' psychedelic mantras and Dangers' incisive diatribes on the absurd modern condition."


"Sometimes sounding like a hardcore band who accidentally stepped on a phaser pedal, and other times like Slowdive getting beaten up in an alley, it surprisingly plays to the strengths of both ideas – big hooks but also a focused approach that still delivers the riff."


"A fascinating new take on post-metalcore, one where riffs and atmosphere can coexist somewhere in space."
–New Noise

"This expansive and powerful album, resting on a strongly fleshed-out science fiction concept, channels the dynamic between metalcore and stoner metal."

–Heavy Blog Is Heavy 

"A concept album with a well mapped narrative... Nearly every track has a strong melodic guitar line running through the sturm und drang of Hollow Earth's almost sludgy attack... A fantastic, propulsive energy that draws you in... It's stirring stuff."

–Echoes and Dust

"A claustrophobic sonic environment to match the fear of being stuck in an oxygen-deprived solar system."
–Heavy Music HQ

Thursday, December 1, 2016

GEOMETERS "Pay to Live" via Clrvynt

“Geometers from Brooklyn haven't been around for too long, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to put together an album of punky rippers… Instead of deciding to point their music in one direction, the album provides a kind of prism of different influences, everything from spacier rock à la Hum (with killer vocal harmonies) to the attitude and emotion of Rival Schools and the Walter Schreifels oeuvre. None of this ever makes Geometers sound like a nostalgia or tribute act, but instead these elements of punk are disassembled and repurposed in new ways.”

Today, Clrvynt premiers the full album stream of Geometers' debut LP, "Pay to Live," here:

Geometers’ newest LP, Pay To Live, will be released on vinyl/cd/cassette/digitally through Jetsam-Flotsam and Codependent Records on December 2nd. In an effort to empower and protect others post-election, all of the proceeds from pre-orders and the first week of sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Preorder link here.

It was recorded and mixed by J. Robbins of Jawbox (who has also produced bands such as  The Dismemberment Plan, Against Me!, Murder By Death, Modern Life Is War, Braid, and Shiner, among many others) at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore, Maryland. Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sunroom Audio in NY. Album artwork created by John Cox and layout by Kyle Pollard.

Pay To Live LP:
  1. L’appel du Vide
  2. Patsy
  3. Title Fight
  4. Pay to Live
  5. If/Return
  6. Spring
  7. Schematic
  8. Formaldebride
  9. No Deeds
  10. Twin

Upcoming Shows:
December 11- Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale