Thursday, March 9, 2017


"You can call them post-punk, you can call them emo. You can call them rock, you can call them softcore. Hell, you can even call them a team of New York DIY superheroes if you want. Around here, we just prefer to call them brilliant." - The Noise

"They often fall somewhere under the post-hardcore umbrella, but this is basically slowcore." - Brooklyn Vegan

Self Defense Family are back at it with the Bastard Form b/w Maybe You Could Explain It To Me 7” single. The effort is a continuous push to break boundaries set by their sonically different peers. The release will see a March 10th release via Alternatives Label.

Listen, here:

Kindlon’s lyrics are a reflection of loss. The single “Bastard Form” depicts what triggers feelings of jubilation and sadness. Lines like “Heard your child laugh and I wept” balances out the closing line “Heard your child sob and I danced.” The b-side to the single is the track “Maybe You Could Explain It To Me” which features a melodic whisper of all the monotonous daily tasks that are constantly forgotten about, all while being intertwined with a soothing piano hook. Both songs are poetically driven anthems, layered over music spewing with emotion and sensation.

The effort was tracked and mixed at The Gallery in Brooklyn, NY with Jon Markson (Such Gold), and was mastered by Carl Saff (Helms Alee, Fu Manchu, Kowloon Walled City).

The layout was designed by Michael Bingham (Creative Adult), featuring photography by Catherine Varela.

Self Defense Family will release the Bastard Form 7” Single via Alternatives Label on March 10th, 2017.


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