Tuesday, March 21, 2017

CRUSHED + Clrvynt

"On its basest level, it's a total thrasher, reminiscent of the likes of Cro-Mags and Sheer Terror, with a heavier bite. Digging deeper, you can hear the attention to detail. The EP was recorded by Uniform's Ben Greenberg, who helped the band realize their potential for noise-laden riffs."

"While Uniform make harsh noise with a distinct influence form hardcore punk, Crushed kinda flip the formula... A punk crusher covered in a layer of static."

New Crushed banger "Ain't High No More" has made its debut today via Clrvynt.

Listen, here:

As Clrvynt's John Hill tells it, on the surface the track is a "total thrasher" delivering a brutal upgrade of classic NYHC sounds. Producer Ben Greenberg, guitarist of industrial-punks Uniform, has captured the band's metallic Cro-Mags essence and presented it in a raw, distorted, noise-drenched form, as if recorded literally underground in a hidden room inside the Bowery J stop. From within this din, a buried melody arises that hints at a whole other realm of musicality – a giveaway that this is more than a hardcore band. Crushed guitarist Jeff Bobula and drummer Greg Smith are members of the proggy Survival, the Hunter Hunt-Hendrix-led band whose 2013 debut on Thrill Jockey was described by Pitchfork with phrases like "titanium-grade riff" and "punishing in its embrace of zoned-out repetition." 

Of the lyrics, frontman Fred Miketa states, "it is about being a single dad battling with addiction and reflecting on getting older." Miketa says hardcore saved his life as a kid, and now through Crushed it is saving him for the second time. 

"Ain't High No More" appears on sophomore EP Deep User, out April 14th.

Deep User was mastered by Josh Bonati (Pharmakon, Merchandise).

Pre-order here:

Photo by James Hartley

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