Friday, March 3, 2017

Out today: DRIP-FED - Under the Wave Blanket

"We've just learned about Drip-Fed and they are freaking rad. They mix punk rock and post-hardcore into a mean cacophony of riffs and screams that will rattle your bones and shake your spirit. The end result is something wholly unique and beautifully fervent... Drip-Fed is a band to watch, no doubt."

"Austinites Drip-Fed pack plenty of pain and hope into 2 1/2 minutes... The hooky, hulking kind of punk hardcore that makes you listen over and over until you develop welts."

"A combination of punk adrenaline and post-hardcore melody..."
–BrooklynVegan Austin

"A shambolic rager... Black Flag-ish riffing, to post-hardcore screaming, to some prog-ish stunts."

"Driving, melodic rage... A truly resonant record."

"Lyrics that are gripping and impactful... A serrated edge of adrenaline cutting through a catchy backbeat."
–The Deli Austin

Drip-Fed's new seven-inch, Under the Wave Blanket, is out today on Red Flag Records.

From Austin, Texas, Drip-Fed whips up a tension that just devastates: diamond-bright punk twang and heavy low-end clash with frontman Jeffrey Blum's severely depressed vocals. This is anthemic and desperate music, for fans of Black Flag, Fucked Up, Culture Abuse, Ghostlimb, and the like. Under the Wave Blanket was recorded and mixed by Keith Hernandez, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full of Hell).

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Photo by Bryan Taylor

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