Friday, March 31, 2017

CHAINLINKS: March 2017

Each month, we will be selecting guests to share three links of interest with us; their picks can be anything that has resonated with them recently, music-related or otherwise. This month's contributors include Mike Patton, Adam Gnade, Ben Weinman, and Fred Miketa.

Mike Patton:
[Dead Cross | Faith No More | Mr. Bungle, etc.]
I’m on a hobo kick right now, so here are 3 books that have given me juice:

1. Jim Tully - Circus Parade:
Image result for jim tully circus parade
2. Jack Black - You Can't Win:
Image result for jack black you can't win
3. Jack London - The Road:
Image result for jack london the road

Adam Gnade:
[Author | Pioneers Press]

1. New Blanck Mass:

2. The always essential Paris Review:
Image result for the paris review logo
3. X-Ray Spex - "Germ Free Adolescents":

Ben Weinman:
[The Dillinger Escape Plan | Party Smasher Inc.]

1. Synthetic DNA:
In January scientists created synthetic DNA. That's fucking nuts. I mean making robots is one thing, but being able to create synthetic organisms is crazy Westworld shit.
A standard DNA molecule. Floyd Romesberg and his team have expanded the genetic code from four letters to six by adding two new molecules they call X and Y.
2. The SXSW North American debut of Sweden's Godmother:
It's rare that I actually want to rip limbs off these days. But I did that day.

3. Baby:
Last month I felt my baby's foot pressing and kicking inside my lady's belly. So crazy. Alien shit. All science aside, that just feels insane.

Fred Miketa:

1. Beach Slang - "The Perfect High":
No such thing as a perfect high, but shit rules. Way late to these freaks.

2. Afghan Whigs - "Demon in Profile":
Coke sex and shit.

3. Incendiary - "The Product is You":
Brooklyn programmatic marketing fam.

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