Wednesday, December 7, 2016


"If you were diligent enough to show up early at this summer's Deftones / Refused tour, you were rewarded with the ultra-dense dream-rock of NYC husband-and-wife duo Spotlights. Mario and Sarah Quintero administer wave after wave of gorgeous '90s-worship distortion that should appeal to any fan of Failure, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver or Hum."

"90s rock, luscious psych and rattling sludge... Like a slowly evaporating dream... Makes you want to headbang with tears in your eyes."

"Is it dreamy as fuck? Yes, but what really makes this band's music stick to my ribs is that it packs the punch-to-the-gut of a sludge album... They are just creating music on their own terms..."
–CVLT Nation

Brooklyn's Spotlights cap off 2016 with the release of new EP, Spiders, now streaming in full via Clrvynt. Listen, here:

It's been a big year for the Brooklyn-based married couple, including the release of full-length Tidals and a summer US tour supporting Deftones and Refused.

The Spiders EP features a cover of a song by Danish band Mew, as well as a remix by Isis drummer Aaron Harris, and a reworking of an older song from the vault.

As Clrvynt puts it, the sound is "ultra-dense dream-rock... wave after wave of gorgeous '90s-worship."

Spiders can be ordered direct from the band, here:

Spiders and Tidals are both now available in the UK and Europe via Plastic Head Distribution.

New Yorkers can party with Spotlights this Saturday, December 10th, at the official Spiders EP listening party at Over the Eight in Brooklyn.

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