Monday, December 5, 2016


“EORÐESLAJYR is a name probably new to our readers, but one to familiarize yourself with. This Irish duo just completely reimagined the score to the classic horror film Haxan from 1922, which is easily one of the most frightening releases of the year.”
–Gear Gods

EORÐESLAJYR talks with Gear Gods about which films they would have loved to score- "a bunch of must see classics from many genres and countries." Check out the list and explanations behind them, here:

EORÐESLAJYR (pronounced Earth Slayer) are an independent Irish avant-garde music trio. Based in Dublin, the band includes local musicians Sam Burton on vocals (Spudgun), Simon Bird on synthesizer, and Tom Morris on guitar (Turning Down Sex). The group originally formed with the intention of writing and performing experimental soundtracks for lesser known cult/silent films. However, their debut effort ‘HÄXAN’ quickly mutated into a complex arrangement involving collaboration with cellist Anna Clock, saxophonist Sam Comerford and percussionist Ross Chaney.

EORÐESLAJYR’s debut album, HÄXAN, was released by Black Mass via cassette (available here), as well as digitally through the band’s Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify, as of October 31st.

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