Friday, December 2, 2016

Out today: HOLLOW EARTH - Dead Planet

Hollow Earth's new album Dead Planet is out today on Good Fight Music.

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Produced by Misery Signals' Greg Thomas, Dead Planet features guest appearances by  Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, and Tad Doyle of Tad, and John Pettibone of Heiress. 

Dead Planet fleshes out Hollow Earth's outerspace obsessions via a full-fledged sci-fi storyline, connecting it to the band's previous release, the Parting Remains EP. Concept and music are synced perfectly – monolithic Neurosis-core evokes visions of the interstellar void. Crushing, metallic grooves and radiant melodies paint scenes of grandeur and horror.

"Between profound beauty and earth shattering tribal hits... Sonically precise and larger than life... A benchmark for future releases on Good Fight Music."

–Metal Injection

"Moody, tribal, and groovy... One of the finest metallic hardcore acts on the scene today."


"Slow motion otherworldly sludge jams. They delicately toe the line between Neurosis' psychedelic mantras and Dangers' incisive diatribes on the absurd modern condition."


"Sometimes sounding like a hardcore band who accidentally stepped on a phaser pedal, and other times like Slowdive getting beaten up in an alley, it surprisingly plays to the strengths of both ideas – big hooks but also a focused approach that still delivers the riff."


"A fascinating new take on post-metalcore, one where riffs and atmosphere can coexist somewhere in space."
–New Noise

"This expansive and powerful album, resting on a strongly fleshed-out science fiction concept, channels the dynamic between metalcore and stoner metal."

–Heavy Blog Is Heavy 

"A concept album with a well mapped narrative... Nearly every track has a strong melodic guitar line running through the sturm und drang of Hollow Earth's almost sludgy attack... A fantastic, propulsive energy that draws you in... It's stirring stuff."

–Echoes and Dust

"A claustrophobic sonic environment to match the fear of being stuck in an oxygen-deprived solar system."
–Heavy Music HQ

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