Friday, December 9, 2016

DOOMSDAY STUDENT "The First Trip" video via Ghettoblaster

See the video for “The First Trip,” via Ghettoblaster, here:

The video for “The First Trip” was directed by Planchette and stars J.M. Wyland, A.M. Ticaric, and T. Giles.
Here, Planchette captures the album’s overall vibe quite well, which seems to be something vaguely “psychedelic”, though not in a conventional sense-- told from a more twisted vantage point that only Doomsday Student can bring to the table: a bit nightmarish, borderline absurd, oddly humorous.

This single is off of Doomsday Student’s newest LP, A Self-Help Tragedy, which was released by Three One G Records on vinyl/digitally and through Skin Graft Records in CD format on December 2nd.

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