Thursday, December 8, 2016

GEOMETERS "Patsy" video via Punk News

"Patsy" finds the band morphing between an emo-influenced calm and a frantic, post-punk attack. Meanwhile, the video offers its own ambiguous trail and might have a slight homage to Pulp Fiction.”
--Punk News

View the video for Geometers track, “Patsy,” via Punk News, here:

This video is a single off of Geometers’ newest LP, Pay To Live, which will be released on vinyl/cd/cassette/digitally through Jetsam-Flotsam and Codependent Records on December 2nd. In an effort to empower and protect others post-election, all of the proceeds from pre-orders and the first week of sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Order here.

Pay to Live  is made up of well-orchestrated harmonies, gently plucked melodies and rolling rhythms that give way to more abrasive vocals, drastic chords and powerful percussion. The sound is something in the realm of Dischord Records’ repertoire, which makes sense given the fact that the band has a Dischord release under their collective belts after band member Sam Wadsworth recently recorded bass tracks for Red Hare (members of Swiz) earlier this year. The theme of the album, as the title aptly suggests, is about struggling to get by in the “adult” world. “Patsy” in particular deals with loneliness in the modern world, and having little self-worth while masking emotion in everyday life to get by. Eric Michael Pearson gives these emotions a vision through a woman (Duygu Eser), who is seen wandering through life in an unhappy haze, searching (literally) for some source of light.

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