Tuesday, July 2, 2019

PITILESS + Metal Sucks

"What’s in a name? In the case of Pitiless, everything... the adjective isn’t just a moniker… it’s a warning. Pitiless do not show mercy."
-Metal Sucks

Listen to the "cynical dialogue" and "pulverizing death-grind" of Pitiless' "Ugly on the Inside," via Metal Sucks, here.

Pitiless are an emerging two-piece from the cold, harsh, desolate Canadian metal scene, in this case, Toronto, ON, Canada, comprised of guitarist/bassist/programmer Matt DeMille and lyricist/screamer Christopher J. Gramlich (Vilipend, Ancress).

The duo forge their own path by combining non-traditional aggressive vocals — for this style of music — with extreme metal influences, such as death, grind and their various offshoots, as well as film samples (Aliens, Mad Max: Fury Road) and an actual Aztec Death Whistle. Gramlich explains Pitiless’s mindset, musically and socially. “The goal is not to be part of a scene, since we’ve always been outsiders, even in the ‘outsider’ communities of metal, hardcore or whatever, but to form genuine connections via music with individuals.” Not content to sing about heartbreak or personal issues, Pitiless draw lyrical inspiration from famed Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, with each song being based upon at least one of his works, as well as mental health issues and chronic pain. Pitiless also utilize a great deal of religious imagery, references and even quotes from religious texts, despite being non-believers and very much anti-organized religion, as such imagery is ubiquitous in our society and undeniably powerful and provocative.

This EP will be released digitally on July 26th. Preorder, here.

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