Friday, July 26, 2019

Out today: NASTIE BAND

The self-titled, debut album by Nastie Band is out today on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia.

Nastie Band is the new NYC art-doom collective featuring Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen), octogenarian Chris Kachulis (a collaborator of electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack), and current/former members of Merchandise, Pollution, and more.

Listen and buy, here:

Further info:

"When the members of New York art-doom collective Nastie Band gather, they resemble a leather-clad gang befitting a post-apocalyptic dystopia. And that’s exactly the kind of thing they want you to think, with their carefully cultivated image that incorporates slasher aesthetics, BDSM and the occult... Although it’s clear that the band is aiming for a caustic amalgamation of doom metal, goth, cabaret, disco and avant-garde (think Celtic Frost meets Scott Walker), listeners primed by the band’s own extravagant descriptions might be surprised to find out just how patient and artful this music actually is."


“Mind-melting destruction delivered at a lumbering, sinister pace... An incorporeal call to revelry."

"A sound and image that will remind listeners of the wicked, daughter-tempting, devil-worshipping schlock bands of classic ’80s movies. The bands revels in chains, leather, and snarling heavy rock that pulls from all corners of metal, goth, and noise, with a hard polish of NYC degeneracy."

"Seven gut-rattling songs powered by heavily distorted bass, distant, squealing guitars, and the haunting vocals of Frank Haines and Chris Kachulis, all punctuated by Roddy Bottum's ethereal synthesizer textures."

"Nastie Band certainly live up to their Art-Doom epithet by easily managing to be both, usually at the same time. Ever-changing and constantly interesting."
–Echoes and Dust

"A soundtrack to B-movie rituals, slashings, reefer madness, and every other form of horror debauchery you can conjure... Doom-driven riffs, eerie soundscapes, and beautiful vocals reminiscent of Celtic Frost, and it’s absolutely gnarly in the true spirit of the ’80s."

"A wild ride... It's dark, it's weird, and it's noisy."
-Metal Injection

"Positively evil."

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