Friday, March 1, 2019

SKRYPTOR - "Red Mountain"

"Galloping, off-kilter and unabashedly victorious, proggy noise-rock outfit Skryptor's new single 'Red Mountain' takes hard-rock/psychedelic throwback tropes, flips them on their heads and stretches it all into an adventurous march through endlessly shifting soundscapes."

Brooklyn-based "noise-rock supergroup" Skryptor has unveiled "Red Mountain," a track off its debut album, Luminous Volumes.

Hear/see the new song now, in the form of an animated video, via Revolver:

Skryptor includes members of '90s noise-rock greats Dazzling Killmen and craw, as well as the newer STATS. Formidable musicians, the trio bring prog chops to the noise-rock table, but choose classic '70s rock and heavy metal vibes as their main feeding ground. Black Sabbath meets Mahavishnu, by way of AmRep and Touch & Go, in Skryptor's raw, epic jams. The album was recorded and mixed by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Kelly Moran).

Luminous Volumes is a joint release between three labels: Skin Graft, Aqualamb, Sleeping Giant Glossolalia. Formats are vinyl, CD, digital, and an illustrated, 200-page book featuring original horror stories curated by Skryptor bassist David McClelland. 


Of the song, "Red Mountain," Skryptor drummer Hank Shteamer states, "I think the original name of the song was simply Mountain,' which began as an homage to the legendary '60s/'70s power trio of the same name — kind of a nod to how classically and unabashedly rocking the song was... Drumming-wise, I will respectfully acknowledge the influence of the great Vinny Appice, whose inimitable swaggery feel on the verses of Dio's 'Holy Diver' inspired the beat I play on the outro, during Tim's monster solo."

The hypnotic animated video, created by Eric Palmerlee of Aqualamb, takes the form of abstracted geometric references to the album's cover art, where each instrument is given a visual voice to express and react to the wordless music composition. Inspired by vintage educational films, the video is a combination of bespoke animation and other material including found footage and sequences by the band's own Tim Garrigan.

Photo by Millie Benson

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