Friday, March 8, 2019

SKRYPTOR - "Lotus and Mace"

Math-rock authority Fecking Bahamas has premiered new Skryptor track, "Lotus and Mace."

Stream, here:

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Skryptor is a trio comprising members of '90s noise-rock greats Dazzling Killmen and craw, as well as the newer STATS. Hank Shteamer, drummer of STATS (and an editor at Rolling Stone, currently), was a rabid fan of Dazzling Killmen and craw when he was a mere teenager; he describes those bands as "my Zeppelin and Beatles." 

Now united in Skryptor, these three formidable musicians bring prog chops to the noise-rock table but choose classic '70s rock and heavy metal vibes as their main feeding ground. Black Sabbath meets Mahavishnu, by way of AmRep and Touch & Go, in Skryptor's raw, epic jams. 

Out March 29th, debut album Luminous Volumes is a joint release between three labels: Skin Graft, Aqualamb, Sleeping Giant Glossolalia. 
The album was recorded and mixed by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Kelly Moran). Formats are vinyl, CD, digital, and an illustrated, 200-page book featuring original horror stories curated by Skryptor bassist David McClelland. 


Photo by Millie Benson

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