Friday, July 27, 2018

Out today: COARSE - I

"Coarse's debut EP, I, develops Knowles and Gallagher's dueling vocals and glitchy, blown-out arrangements into fuel for one of the most seething, satisfying metalcore albums of the year." 

"Former members of Capsize and Old Wounds, Coarse are on their way to becoming a staple in every hardcore lover’s personal collection."
–Alternative Press

"Consisting of ex-Old Wounds and ex-Capsize members, the bi-coastal duo gets out right disgusting and gritty with their full on assault of the senses, in the best possible way! If you're into chaotic, mathy, gut-wrenching hardcore that has the stamina of a T-1000, Coarse is your band, and 'In Peril' your anthem."
–Metal Injection

"Angular, acidic, and anarchic... Authentically overcome with blinding rage and seething bloodlust... Think early Norma Jean if the members of Norma Jean were feral."

Coarse's debut EP, I, is out today on Zegema Beach Recordings and Secret Nature.

Listen to the full EP, here:

Buy the EP on vinyl, here:

Coarse is a new project formed by Ryan Knowles (ex-Capsize) and Brandon Gallagher (ex-Old Wounds). Written in Brooklyn, New York, then recorded at locations across the country, from San Diego to Atlanta, to New Jersey and New York, Coarse's debut EP, I, takes influence from the spontaneity of bands such as Some Girls and The Dillinger Escape Plan, while paying homage to the first wave of heavy metalcore as exemplified by Turmoil or Buried Alive. 

A juxtaposition of sass and grit, Coarse's sound is built on Knowles and Gallagher's dual vocals, caustic guitars and blown-out drums. Through ripping songs like "Shed," "Hoax," and "In Peril," the intensity is palpable. The noisy “Separation Is Survival” gives an introduction to the band's more experimental side. Reviews of the EP call it "one of the most seething, satisfying metalcore albums of the year" (Revolver) and "chaotic, mathy, gut-wrenching hardcore" (Metal Injection). 

The EP's artwork was created entirely by Gallagher, taking inspiration from his surroundings in New York City, and channeling his experience working in the fashion industry on photoshoots for the likes of Vogue and Adidas. Gallagher also created a companion zine, Fur, which further explores the aesthetic.

Photo by Courtney Coles

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