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NETHERLANDS - Zombie Techno

NETHERLANDS: Brooklyn innovators announce release of fifth full-length album, "Zombie Techno"; work on sixth album begins with Converge's Kurt Ballou

"If you’ve never done psychoactive drugs in a big city, listening to Netherlands will give you an idea of what the experience is like... Their music feels panicked and hysterical, all while vocalist Timo Ellis moans in your ear like a robot’s ghost. It’s this sort of avant-garde yet sensually-pleasing atmosphere that has made the band a favorite of musicians like Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher and Gojira’s Joe Duplantier."

“Netherlands, one of my current faves, continue to sonically challenge the unique atypical alchemy of the riff. A blast from left field of heavy bass and keys. Robotic vox conjure images and sounds of a Phillip K. Dick existence.”
–Bill Kelliher of Mastodon

“Netherlands is one of my absolute favorite bands! This band is sophisticated and raw at once, and I find their talent and dedication to their craft to be very inspiring. Frontman Timo Ellis’ voice will take you on an incredible journey and his lyrics are an invitation to question both oneself and the world as we know it. And they’ll blow your mind with how intense they are live!"
– Joe Duplantier of Gojira

Brooklyn band Netherlands announces the June 26th release of its fifth full-length album, Zombie Techno.

Stream "Force Quit!," a track from Zombie Techno, here:

Netherlands has been cranking out its psych-prog-sludge-pop since 2012 and Zombie Techno contains some of its greatest work to date. Somewhere between the colossal weight of the Melvins, the sugary hooks of Torche, the gleeful drama of Rush, and the absurdism of Frank Zappa, Netherlands' singular sound lies. Falsetto vocals, brain-quaking synthbass, manic guitar shred and martial drumming combine in supremely weird, catchy songs that rage and groove to the beat of a rapidly accelerating doomsday clock.

Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Timo Ellis (an ex-member of Cibo Matto and collaborator of Yoko Ono) has been warning about humanity's unsustainable ways since Day One – his critiques of modern society are scathing, and for a Netherlands album to drop during a global pandemic makes perfect sense. A recent statement by lauded rock scribe David Von Bader (Premier Guitar) reads: "Zombie Techno is a musical document of the late Anthropocene that dissects and critiques mankind’s devolution via its addiction to technology, the scourge of capitalism, and the plague of distraction. As the Earth’s ecosystem morphs into proverbial white blood cells tasked with ridding itself of the virus of humanity, Netherlands look on in anger and grief and, with the last fumes of hope they can muster, submit a turbulent, psychedelic jaunt through various sonic biomes. It is the musical version of a life flashing before one’s eyes."

Title track "Zombie Techno" opens the album – Kerrang! premiered the song's official video along with the words, "If you’ve never done psychoactive drugs in a big city, listening to Netherlands will give you an idea of what the experience is like."

Standout "Force Quit" is a blazing rocker, melding sci-fi tones and rhythmic noise-metal devastation.

"This Time My Broken Heart Stays Open" is a sprawling synth-doom power ballad.

"We're All Gonna Die One Day" is the feel-good/feel-bad hit of the summer – a bouncy, infectious, glam anthem rewired with apocalyptic lyrics.

Zombie Techno was recorded by Ellis, mixed by Adam Sachs (Swans, Joan As Policewoman), and mastered by Ron A. Shaffer (Tricky, Usher). With Zombie Techno set for a June 26th release, Netherlands is already at work on the next album –  the as-yet-untitled sixth full-length is being recorded with Converge's Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio (Torche, High On Fire) and mixed by Grammy-nominated producer Alex Berthelot (Gojira, Frank Ocean).

Before the collapse of live music, Netherlands laid waste to stages, on bills with Napalm Death, Martin Rev, Flipper, Melt-Banana, Mutoid Man, Yob, Retox, Moon Tooth, and many more. Stay tuned for news of the next live shows.

1) Zombie Techno
2) Casual Monsters
3) Morris
4) Shirestarter
5) Force Quit!
6) U.F.O. D.U.I.
7) This Time My Broken Heart Stays Open
8) We're All Gonna Die One Day
9) Requiem

Timo Ellis - vocals, guitar
Chealsea "Thee Chuq" Wierbonski - synthbass
Josh Musto - synthbass
Damien Shane Moffitt - drums

Fantasmatic (2012, self-released)
Silicon Vapor (2013, self-released)
Audubon (2016, Prosthetic Records)
Black Gaia (2018, Records and Tapes Records)
Hope Porn EP (2019, Records and Tapes Records)
Zombie Techno (2020, Records and Tapes Records)

Cover art by Timo Ellis
Band photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

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