Friday, October 11, 2019

Out today: SYNAPSES FIRING 'Ruining You'

Ruining You, the brand new album from Synapses Firing, is out today.

"a four-piece specializing in a crunchy sort of alt rock that has unmistakeable punk influences" - New Noise Magazine

"containing a mixture of songs both old and new that... hit "straight from the gut to the jaw." - Scene Point Blank

A collection of songs written by the Bronx, NY quartet with a focused moody sound similar to the likes of Rival Schools or Balance and Composure, Ruining You is an alternative rock throwback featuring rom-com soundtrack like hits. The record showcases great song writing and melodies matched with the stellar production of Adam Cichocki (Coarse, Gatherers, Thoughtcrimes).

“We all come from the Bronx hardcore/punk scene which sometimes had rough edges,” lead singer Sean Dowling says. “As we grew older, we all drifted towards musical influences outside of metal and hardcore and wanted a project to reflect that. Making a music scene work in the Bronx was always an uphill battle; there are very few places to practice out here, no house shows, and very few all-ages events. Cops and neighbors were never used to hearing a punk show down the block. There was never a culture or a model to follow.”

Stream the record Ruining You, here.

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