Tuesday, June 18, 2019

PITILESS + Pure Grain Audio

“...a two-man metal machine from Toronto, Canada which blends non-traditional unclean vocals with an actual Aztec death whistle, extreme metal elements (death, grind, etc.) and film samples (Aliens, Mad Max: Fury Road).”
— Pure Grain Audio

Listen to Pitiless' "unique sonic attack" with a premiere of the first single, “To Storm the Gates of Heaven,” via Pure Grain Audio, here.

Pitiless are an emerging two-piece from the cold, harsh, desolate Canadian metal scene, in this case, Toronto, ON, Canada, comprised of guitarist/bassist/programmer Matt DeMille and lyricist/screamer Christopher J. Gramlich (Vilipend, Ancress).

This single is off of the upcoming EP, Amaranthine, which will be released digitally on July 26th. Preorder, here.

While Amaranthine has multiple meanings, the essential one in this context is “undying.” Not only is it incredibly “metal,” but also relates to the compulsion to continue to create music, no matter the physical and mental cost. With Gramlich breaking his back opening for Dillinger Escape Plan years ago while in Vilipend, and it worsening over time, both the need to create and refusing to “die,” no matter the pain or obstacles in the path, are pillars of Pitiless’s foundation.

Upcoming shows:
August 4 - Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club w/ Fister

Pictured artwork by Zdzisław Beksiński.

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