Wednesday, June 26, 2019


o13: Live Skull members complete work on electronic project's sophomore album; new music video premiered

o13 – the dark, electronic-based project of Live Skull founder/frontman Mark C and new Live Skull bassist Kent Heine – has completed work on its sophomore album, The Wild Child Takes Charge.

Recorded at Deepsea Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey, The Wild Child Takes Charge sees the NYC duo explore its layered, ominous sound – gentle, restrained, hypnotic, and brimming with potential power. Mark C's signature vocal style, heard throughout Live Skull's catalog, shines in a new light here in this context.

While plans for the album's release are still in the works, the band has premiered the music video for new track "Thirty Echoes" today.

Watch, here:

The "Thirty Echoes" video was directed by Mark C and stars Jennifer Jaffe. 
Mark C says: "'Thirty Echoes' is a response to a news report, of a crimes-against-humanity trial in which the defendant was found guilty on multiple counts, the word 'guilty' echoing out thirty times in the court room. It’s our attempt to counter balance the weight of the moment by composing music and communing with nature. The video was filmed upstate on an old apple farm in Hudson, New York, and in Montauk, Long Island – locations where the magic and drama of nature are still very much at play."

Meanwhile, Mark C has reformed Live Skull, with Heine and drummer Rich Hutchins, and the band is finishing work on its first new album since 1989, to be released this year on Bronson Recordings. 

Pillars of downtown NYC noise-rock in the 1980s, alongside Sonic Youth and Swans, Live Skull has been hailed by VICE with these words: “Of the scowling noise-rockers peppering downtown Manhattan throughout the 80s, Live Skull was the leanest and meanest around." Steps toward a Live Skull reunion began in 2016 when Mark C and Hutchins teamed up to record new music for the "BC35" project, paying tribute to producer Martin Bisi who recorded some of Live Skull's material in the '80s.

Mark C says: "Since completing ‘The Wild Child Takes Charge,’ we are at work on the recording of a new Live Skull album for Bronson Recordings, to be released later this year. The core band on the recording is Rich Hutchins on drums and percussion, Mark C on guitars, vocals and synths, and new bassist Kent Heine. Live Skull members Marnie Greenholz and Thalia Zedek both appear on the record too. The record takes off from where Live Skull was headed when we abruptly disbanded in 1989. Both, o13’s ‘The Wild Child Takes Charge,’ and the new Live Skull album take their cue from the current political climate. They both lean toward protest art while exalting in the cathartic power of music, and the collaborative process of playing in a band."

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