Friday, May 4, 2018

Out today: AEVITERNE - Sireless

Aeviterne's debut, two-song EP, Sireless, is out today on P2 Records. The New York City band draws from the hellish, swirling end of the death metal spectrum, as well as the icy atmospheres and rhythmic rigidity of industrial music. The lineup comprises former members of Flourishing, Castevet, and Tombs, and a current member of Artificial Brain.


May 11 - Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds w/ Gigan, Pyrrhon 
May 23 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Defeated Sanity, Behold The Arctopus
July 10 - Washington, DC @ Atlas Brew Works w/ Artificial Brain, Voidspawn 
July 11 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Brillobox w/ Artificial Brain, Voidspawn 
July 12 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Artificial Brain, Voidspawn, Pyrrhon 
July 13 - Boston, MA @ Middle East w/ Artificial Brain, Voidspawn 
July 14 - Brooklyn, NY @ Trans Pecos w/ Artificial Brain, Voidspawn, Pyrrhon 

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"To an extent, Sireless, Aeviterne’s two-song how-do-you-do, continues along Flourishing’s path, integrating chunks of complex death metal, dissonant deathgrind, and intense hardcore into a seamless whole that remains incredibly listenable despite being intimidatingly detailed... But, you could say the scope here feels wider, a quality that makes Aeviterne’s two-way versatility more impressive since it’s covering a lot of ground between the diametric poles of abstract ass-kicking and easy-to-absorb songs that are satisfying... All ominous and malevolent and shit, but it’s also hooky as hell." 

"Out of the metallic trappings of bands like Flourishing, Castevet, and Artificial Brain comes a new project that immediately shows great promise... Aeviterne roars forth with almost Immolation-esque might. Their collective—and undoubtedly genial—brain power makes for a scintillating and refreshing debut." 
–Metal Injection

"A sense of sonic kinship with groups like Portal and Ulcerate, indulging in post-Gorgutsian skronk and angular riffing alongside unconventional song structures. Aeviterne retain the same sense of song-oriented construction and deliberate pacing as groups like Immolation or Thantifaxath, marrying well the technical and progressive thoughts and dissonant sheets of sound to forms that let the riffs breathe and sink in." 
–Invisible Oranges

"Composed of former and current members of Flourishing and Artificial Brain, Aeviterne‘s sound reflects its lineage with its abstract take on death metal. Although only consisting of two songs, Sireless makes the most out of the 10 minutes it is given... While the band’s emphasis on angularity and dissonance remain, the track’s penchant for serpentine groove sounds like what might happen if a band like Ulcerate covered Killing Joke." 

"Swirling death metal... A treat for the ears."
–Nine Circles

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