Tuesday, August 22, 2017

PLAQUE MARKS - Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship

Plaque Marks announce the release of debut EP Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship, coming October 27th on Learning Curve Records.

Listen to "Plaque Marks," off Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship, here:


Founded by three veterans of Philly's punk and hardcore scenes, whose current and recent bands include Creepoid, Fight Amp, and Ecstatic Vision – and all three of whom work shifts at the city's preeminent rock dive, Kung Fu Necktie – Plaque Marks pound out the rawest, most caustic music any of these musicians has ever made. The band is the self-proclaimed "stain on the smile of the Philadelphia music scene." 

With decades of experience between them, guitarist/vocalist Mike McGinnis, bassist/vocalist Doug Sabolick, and drummer Patrick Troxell have progressed/regressed to the point of laying down the grimiest, most primitive rock n' roll clatter put to wax this year...

Pitchfork hailed McGinnis' former band Fight Amp as "Jesus Lizard dissonance [and] Danzig-esque brawn... This is no mere garage punk; this is a finely tuned assault."

Sabolick's current outfit Ecstatic Vision was described by Stereogum as "tripped-out, sun-baked, cloud-high psychedelic jams drawing from free jazz, Krautrock, and Afrobeat."

Troxell's day job, the exalted Creepoid, who have toured with the likes of Against Me! and Refused, were summed up by Noisey with these words: "The hype is swirling up around them much like the dark and portentous feedback that underpins the band’s abrasively melodic songs."

In Plaque Marks, these guys have abandoned all semblance of "finely tuned," "sun-baked," and "melodic," in favor of pure abrasion and bad living. Caveman drumming, tooth-rattling bass, painfully distorted guitars, and buried yells are the elements at play here, and on debut EP Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship they sound like they were recorded with one lone mic, hanging from a noose in a Philly warehouse. Lyrics are from the perspective of a rogue's gallery of characters – a corrupt cop, a cough syrup addict, a Christian zealot.

Plaque Marks credit Texas legends Rusted Shut and Cherubs for inspiration, as well as the early works of 
contemporaries Pissed Jeans – and while some of the members' other work, particularly Fight Amp, resides in this ballpark too, Plaque Marks take it to new depths. This is noise-rock in its simplest and most corrosive state, and Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship is right at home on Minneapolis label Learning Curve Records, responsible for releases by Vaz, Hammerhead, and Gay Witch Abortion.

Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship was recorded and mixed by Matt Weber and Plaque Marks, at Gradwell House Studios in Haddon Heights, NJ, and The Bummer Basement in Philadelphia. The EP was mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House. The cover art was created by Dan Smith. Following the recording, The Powder Room's Gene Woolfolk was brought into the fold as a second guitarist.

Plaque Marks, live:

Nov 17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Unsane

Pre-order Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship, digital:

Pre-order Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship, vinyl:

1) Plaque Marks

2) Oregon Chem-Trail
3) Animal Pleasures
4) Urban Blighters
5) Piecemaker
6) Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship

Mike McGinnis - guitar, vocals

Gene Woolfolk - guitar
Doug Sabolick - bass, vocals
Patrick Troxell - drums

Photos by Dante Torrieri

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