Thursday, August 24, 2017

Becky DiGiglio/Justin Pearson: BORN UPSIDE DOWN + IDIOTEQ

“I had the pleasure of spending some time with photographer Becky DiGiglio and lyricist / musician Justin Pearson (THE LOCUST, Three One G Records, DEAD CROSS),  who have recently published an interesting, eye-catching collaborative photo-zine called “Born Upside Down“, a collection of photographs and thought-provoking captions that “reveal the grime and rot of life in America”. Almost instantly intrigued by both its form and concept, we sat down to discuss the role of the publisher and the processes of constructing a photobook.”

Read the interview with photographer Becky DiGiglio and writer Justin Pearson discussing their collaborative photo-zine, BORN UPSIDE DOWN, via IDIOTEQ, here.

BORN UPSIDE DOWN, the newest 36 page print photo-zine by Becky DiGiglio and Justin Pearson, is available now via Pioneers Press as well as Three One G.

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