Thursday, August 31, 2017

CHAINLINKS: September 2017

Welcome to the new installment of Chainlinks! At the end of each month, we at The Chain reach out to friends and colleagues to find out what's been inspiring them. This time around we have recommendations from pro Muay Thai fighter Elijah Clarke, drummer Jon Syverson of Daughters, and musician/DJ Chip K.


Elijah Clarke (Renzo Gracie Muay Thai)

Clarke is a Muay Thai fighter with a professional record of 6-1. Born in St. Lucia, he is based in New York City where he teaches and trains out of the Renzo Gracie Academy. His next fight is a light heavyweight bout against Juan Jackson, September 29 at Lion Fight 38, which will be televised nationally on AXS TV (and on Fight Network throughout the rest of the world).

1) Bob Marley - "Babylon System"

2) My daughter Chloe

3) Renzo Gracie Muay Thai

This week I saw one of our students at the academy and she had to cancel her membership because she moved. She told me how much she enjoyed training with us. That inspired me.


Jon Syverson (Daughters)

Syverson is best known for his drumming in Daughters. He's also a tour manager for various bands and is constantly on tour. Over all, the guy rules. Even when Daughters take their sweet-ass time writing new material for a new album, he still rules.

1) Kraftwerk - "Numbers"

I have always enjoyed some Kraftwerk. This song in particular never leaves my playlists.

2) Keurig Coffee Machines

The best part of waking up... is my Keurig machine. Oh Keurig, my heart couldn't quit you if it tried.

3) Roseanne

Do I need to explain myself here? Fucking John Goodman!? My comfort zone.



Chip K (Chorizo, Triple Hex, Silk Stalkings, Nocturne)

Chip is bassist and keyboardist for NYC bands Chorizo and Triple Hex, and a DJ known around town for her Silk Stalkings parties (with collaborator Jeanage Wasteland) and the brand new Nocturne party (with collaborator Rob Mayson) which makes its debut this Saturday, September 2nd at Ceremony in Brooklyn, with live music by Twisty Cats, Pleasure Motel, and Body Stuff.

1) Rudimentary Peni - "The Evil Clergyman"

2) Chrome - "Meet You in the Subway"

3) Martial Canterel - "Windscreen"

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