Wednesday, May 15, 2019


“...amazing interplay between the bass and drums that ebbs and flows in and out of wacky unison lines and rhythms, Gallegos and Rieder stay tight as can be while simultaneously channeling some sort of unearthly, monstrous chaos that just hits you in the best possible way. It’s pretty remarkable what the two of them are able to do with just bass and drums, and this is an excellent example of a band carving out their own unique sound while retaining enough familiarity to be accessible.”
- Gear Gods

Listen to Secret Fun Club's latest track, "Pat Minotaur", via Gear Gods, here.

San Diego‘s Secret Fun Club has been the longstanding musical outlet for drummer and engineer Sal Gallegos (Some Girls, Three One G) and bassist John Rieder. An ongoing collaboration that formerly included guitarist Nathan Joyner (Hot Nerds, Some Girls, All Leather), the band has been making odd, challenging, and relentlessly heavy music on its own terms since 2000. A duo of bass and drums since 2007, the two have mastered doomy, frenetic noise with occasional forays into quiet minimalism and copy-and-paste sound sculpture. W.T. Nelson (Geronimo, Bastard Noise) has collaborated with his brood of Trogotronic outboard gear to contribute painful frequencies across the range of human hearing. The newest album enlists his assistance again, along with equally brutal noisemakers Justin Pearson (Dead Cross, The Locust, Retox, Planet B), Sam Lopez and Esteban Flores.

The band's upcoming album, 101, was recorded in San Diego, CA by Sal Gallegos and John Rieder. Mastered by Nathan Joyner. It will be released digitally as well as on smoke-colored vinyl through Three One G Records. Preorder, here.

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