Wednesday, May 1, 2019

POUND + Decibel


"Seattle duo Pound—whose sound can best be described as a heavy fusion of mathcore, grind and Meshuggah-esque grooves—have unleashed their latest video for “x-.+.+.x-.+.x-.x-.+,” a song from their sophomore album •• (this symbol thing is a common occurrence). The performance video highlights the duo’s musicianship—guitarist Ryan Schutte plays a nine-string baritone guitar and drummer David Stickney’s kit is actually a custom build combining two different drum kits. Together, there’s no need for a guitarist or vocalist; “x-.+.+.x-.+.x-.x-.+” is busy enough and already blowing minds as is."

"Seattle’s forward-thinking yet ferociously primordial math-grind duo Pound... Intertwining the raw, seething aesthetic mentality of grinding mathcore with the deft musicianship, unconventional rhythms, and unbridled creativity of djent and death metal."
–Invisible Oranges

"Off-kilter time signatures collide with unshakeable grooves while skronky, dissonant chords match up with an almost post-hardcore melodic sensibility. It’s as if Meshuggah, Botch and Coalesce teamed up to form a new band that pushed the boundaries of each far beyond anything they’ve ever attempted before."

Pound's sophomore album, titled simply with two dots, will be released May 31st on Silent Pendulum Records.

Marrying the chaos of bands like The Locust, with the galaxy-sized grooves of Meshuggah, the Seattle-based Pound whips up a wholly original racket that is both head-scratchingly complex and sock-you-in-the-gut heavy. The duo – guitarist Ryan Schutte and drummer David Stickney – uses gear that is as unique as its sound: Schutte plays a baritone 9-string guitar and Stickney plays two drumkits, positioned at a 90-degree angle. 

•• was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage) at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado.

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Pound is on tour now!

May 1 - Salem, OR @ Shotski's Eats
May 2 - Medford, OR @ King Wah's
May 3 - Sacramento, CA @ The Colony
May 4 - Mountain View, CA @ O'Malley's
May 5 - Las Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse Saloon
May 6 - Los Angeles, CA @ Blvd
May 7 - Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room
May 8 - Tucson, AZ @ House of Bards
May 9 - Tempe, AZ @ Time Out Lounge
May 10 - Santa Fe, NM @ Zephyr Community Art Studio
May 11 - Denver, CO @ 7th Circle Music Collective
May 12 - Ogden, UT @ Funk n' Dive
May 13 - Boise, ID @ Killer Pussy Studios
May 14 - Spokane, WA @ Mootsy's

Photo by Neil Lim Sang

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