Thursday, August 2, 2018

QUI + BrooklynVegan

Qui Snuh
"Every facet of our modality is present and pushed to further extremes; our ugliest ugly, our prettiest pretty, and more drastic juxtapositions of the two. We have been criticized as being too varied in our sound, I have heard or read the word, “schizophrenic,” used more than once. Recently a critic even posited that our music was perhaps one, big piss-take, an endurance test of sorts to see just how much our audience would tolerate. I think it’s fair to say he and others of that mind will not like Snuh. In keeping with our consistently inconsistent M.O, the sounds vary from moment to moment, song to song. The album features guest cameos from new and old collaborators, a wider pallet of timbres, and recurring musical themes throughout, the overall effect being that of a cohesive pastiche. Toshi Kasai’s unique and adventurous production, always present in our records, is it’s most pronounced to date."
-Matt Cronk, Qui

Stream Qui’s first full-length album in 2014, via BrooklynVegan, here.

Qui’s newest LP, Snuh is being released by Three One G Records on August 3rd.
Snuh will be available digitally on iTunes as well as physically on 100 pink and 200 black 180 gram vinyl. Free CD will be included with vinyl purchase. Preorder here.
Records will also be available via Antena Krzyku, Macina Dischi will be releasing the album on CD, and Sweatband Records will be releasing a limited run of cassettes.

Snuh LP: 1. Pomp & Circumstance 2. You Can Call Me Shiny 3. Escape From Now 4. Mowing Machine 5. The Stink of Her Eyes (a) 6. Icky Mouth 7. Hey, Brother 8. Pumpy Circumstance 9. How Much Many More 10. The Stink of Her Eyes (b) 11. Forgivement 12. 15 Little Arguments 13. Trust Force 14. Come, Come
Check Qui out at their record release show, alongside Retox, tomorrow (August 3rd) at The Echo, Los Angeles.

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