Friday, March 30, 2018

FATHERS + Decibel Magazine

“’s a record where your favorite song constantly shifts, forcing you to go back and, to be on the safe side, just listen to the whole thing again.”

“The hype, happily, is super on point and will make you a believer in the power and legitimacy of the Fathers’ Network-esque mission statement: “This is for every man that has been beaten down, every child that has been abused, woman raped or family member slaughtered. We have all been hurt or slandered and had something irreplaceable taken from us. No matter your race, gender or beliefs, we all fucking fight back!”
-Decibel Magazine

“They deliver what I consider a new, fresh take on post-hardcore which can be challenging. Where other bands in this genre tend to stay within the boundaries of hardcore, FAtHERS take note of said boundaries and gladly cross the line every chance they get.”
-Distorted Culture

FATHERS' self-titled release is out on vinyl today. In honor of this, Decibel Magazine has asked the band to create a guest playlist, via Apple Music, here.

This self-titled LP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Kanan at The Keep Studios in Denver, CO. Cover art and layout by Mhyk Monroe. It was released on vinyl on March 30th (today) through Sailor Records, and is currently available digitally through all major outlets (including Spotify, Google, Apple Music, etc.).

Self-titled LP:
1. Brawler
2. No Joke
3. Father
4. Fight!
5. Fools
6. 12
7. Don’t Tell
8. Swamp Witch
9. Mr. Clutter

Upcoming shows:
March 30 - Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive

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