Friday, October 6, 2017

QUIET + The Noise

"Combining a multitude of influences (and emotions) and blending them into an almost six-minute Brand New-meets-Citizen cocktail, Quiet’s steady build throughout their new single will without a doubt send shivers down your spine." - The Noise

"Empty", the brand new single from Orange County somber-rockers Quiet, is now streaming via The Noise.

Listen, here:

The Orange County based quartet, Quiet, follow up their summer full US tour with a brand new LP, Infinite Regress. A sleek balance of fuzzed-out guitars, driving beats, and eery delayed riffs matched with Cobia Goddard’s soothing tone, script the ebbs and flow of Infinite Regress. The wide juxtaposition of the sonic spectrum on this album is evident, which is reminiscent of both Brand New and Modest Mouse. At times the record will break, letting time and space bleed through the dark post rock tones graciously touched by Jack Shirley’s production, comparable to This Will Destroy You and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Lyrically, Infinite Regress is about the process of denouncing faith and the anxieties that come with indoctrination faced as a child.

Regarding the single "Empty", the band states: "Empty was one of the first songs we wrote with this project. It was the starting point that set us towards the sounds we wanted to go after. This song is about coping with the loss of identity that comes through abandonment and separation. As the opening track, it signifies the start of our transition away from the past and into who we are becoming today."

Coming off a full US tour, the band will begin a residency at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa starting October 2nd, and will also appear at Modern Color’s album release show October 27th in Fullerton.

Infinite Regress will be self released, and will see a release date of October 20th, 2017. The effort was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley (ComadreDeafheavenLoma Prieta) at The Atomic Garden Studio in East Palo Alto, CA.


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