Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Ravenna Woods
"'Black Car' swells with intensity as the song carries on. The musicianship doubles down with tight progressions building to dignified guitar noodling with atypical drum progressions. The reflective mood of the tone gives space for listeners to breathe and think when diving through the songs spatial features."
- New Noise Magazine

Watch the video for Ravenna Woods' latest track, via New Noise, here.

Video shot by Dark Details.

Ravenna Woods' upcoming album, Disappearing Someone, will be released digitally as well as on vinyl through Rocket Heart Records on May 3rd. Preorder, here.

Ravenna Woods was formed by Chris Cunningham and Brantley Duke in late 2009, after Chris returned home to Seattle from a teaching job overseas. After fleshing out some of those songs and writing a few more, a handful of new demos circulated to drummer Matt Badger, who introduced himself to the duo. After multiple releases, around 2015, Ravenna officially became a 5 piece, adding multi-instrumentalist and composer Nic Danielson on keys and Reed LV on bass. The band features ex-members of bands such as Lotte Kestner, Neon Blonde, Delour, Seattle Rock Orchestra, and The Kindness Kind.

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