Tuesday, June 19, 2018

THE MANX + BrooklynVegan

“...This new version of “The Rainbow Slammers” is a spastic, discordant, beautiful mess. It’s very cool, very weird stuff…”
-Brooklyn Vegan

Check out the new remix, “The Rainbow Slammers (HONUS HONUS REMIX)” feat. Buzz Osborne, via Brooklyn Vegan, here.

Mystery Skum and The Odyssey of Goo is a collection of previously unreleased tracks, remixes, reinterpretations, guest spots, and noise experiments, created as a companion to avant-garde punk act The Manx’s last LP, Voyage in Bad Taste. Guest features include Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty, Buzz Osborne (The Melvins), Ryan Kattner (Man Man, Honus Honus), JR Slayer aka Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers, Head Wound City), as well as many other respected artists. Lyrically, the band likes to make things “gooey and vibrant,” and the same can be said of their live performances (think sparkly hot pants and slime- lots of slime).

Mystery Skum and The Odyssey of Goo will be released on limited edition slime green cassette (limited to 200) as well as digitally. Preorder link here.

Mystery Skum and The Odyssey of Goo:
1. Hand Me The Flesh
2. Mystery Skum
3. Superbowl Funday
4. Plasmatic Debris (Tommy Meehan REMIX)
5. The Armenian Galaxy Overture (Paul Christensen ACOUSTIC VERSION)
6. Voided Voyage (Sexaroid REMIX)
7. La La La La La La La La La La La La
8. Sac Gargles To Transmed In His Pond Scum Vehicle (By DJ Embryonic Petit Sac)
9. Glorious Times To All That Suffer (JR SLAYER REMIX)
10. So Much Passion
11. Black In The Trash (304 Angstroms REMIX)
12. The Armenian Galaxy Prelude (Paul Christensen ACOUSTIC VERSION)
13. The Hateful Spew Has Been Digitized (Featuring Justin Roiland)
14. Sac’s Catastrophic Voyage (DJ Embryonic Petit Sac REMIX)
15. Ziggy’s World Of Wood
16. Salted Peanuts
17. Ziggy’s World Of Worms
18. We Are The Ones
19. The Tunnels Of Bad Taste (Sexaroid REMIX)
20. Arlo’s Soliloquy
21. The Little Lemons Of Diggity Doom
22. The Rainbow Slammers (Honus Honus REMIX)
23. Cody’s Candy Gyroscopics
24. Tighten Your Brood (Tommy Meehan REMIX)
25. Tighten Your Guys (Rossco Soletrain REMIX)

Upcoming shows:
July 28 - Tijuana, MX @ YouRevolution

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