Monday, December 18, 2017

Planet B + Dangerous Minds

"It’s an ominous, beautiful, creepy, and euphoric, and it was a massively depressing track to release as a single to begin with, but Planet B’s version is a lo-fi screamer that significantly ups the ante on the song’s bleakness, stripping it of its drug-high euphoria and leaving in its place a harrowing withdrawal."
-Dangerous Minds

Planet B has teamed up with Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner for the "Love Oakland" benefit compilation, covering Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again." Read a review of and listen to the cover, via Dangerous Minds, here.

The "Love Oakland" LP can be purchased here.

Love Oakland tracklist:
  1. Damaged Bug - Anchorite Showdown
  2. Planet B - Never Let Me Down Again
  3. Nopes - Shedding
  4. Naked Lights - Hyde
  5. Scraper - Lookin' for Pain
  6. HGS - Mopey Monster / Klown March
  7. Saba Lou - Love Letter Full of Promises
  8. New Faultlines - Mendocino
  9. Tony Molina - Fluff
  10. King Khan - The Mourning Song
  11. Silver Shadows - You Were Right (Part Time Punks Session)
  12. Jaime Paul Lamb - When I'm Gone

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