Friday, December 8, 2017

Out today: CLERIC - Retrocausal

Cleric's new album Retrocausal is out today on Web of Mimicry Records.

"Total, blissful sensory overload. Like staring into the sun... for your ears."


"A jazz-spiked dispatch from the Philly underground that's one of the sickest avant-garde metal albums we've seen all year."


"If you like violent music rife with surprises, this should be your new favorite nightmare."


"Sprawling avant-garde metal masterpiece... Cleric is one of the most unique and brilliant modern metal bands around... One of the most insane and epic metal albums I've ever heard."

–Metal Injection

"A dense cacophony of death/grind with the incredible stamina of doom and, stunningly, all the same Web of Mimicry freakery exhibited by the label’s other fare, but drenched in the raging napalm fires of the heaviest guitar music ever made..." 

"Blending the chaos of mathcore's playful time-signature and tempo number games, with metal's brutality and a jazz-like sense of adventure and wonder, Cleric throw all expectations out the window."

–Invisible Oranges

"For those of us who like our metal adventurous, unorthodox, and breathtakingly ambitious, Cleric deliver heaven in metallic audio form on Retrocausal."

–No Clean Singing

"Massively dense soundscapes... Cleric and Retrocausal are as exciting as any music that came out in 2017. Five full listens in and I'm no closer to parsing all the intricacies the album offers."

–Nine Circles

"Free-form jazz in the middle of a death metal circle pit; noise mangled into a singular vision that feels ten years ahead of its time."

–Heavy Music HQ

"An esoteric masterwork of technical proficiency, skillfully free-form-sounding performances, and songwriting that walks the razor's edge between random noise and true art. I normally don't go in for releases that go this far into pure pandemonium, but damned if Cleric haven't taken me to the very edge of the abyss without allowing me to fall. MUST LISTEN."
–Metal Trenches

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