Saturday, September 9, 2017

REPTOID + Cvlt Nation

“There’s really no accurate way to describe the beautiful weirdness REPTOID create…”
-Cvlt Nation

“'The New Reality' is one of the heaviest things you’ll hear all summer: as abrasively noisy as it is fuzzily earworm-y. And, of course, there’s a badass concept of inter-dimensional reptilians controlling our society a la They Live."
- Gear Gods

“This noise-punk brain-child of Jordan Sobolew attacks listeners with abrasive tones and angular drumming patterns that are sure to please fans of the sonically abstract. However, even with the project thematically assuming the perspective of a malevolent shape-shifting alien, the songs aren’t so unapproachable as to alienate all but the most die-hard of noise-philes.”
-Ghettoblaster Magazine

“Reptoid encases feral-yet-precise drumming with noxious clouds of noise and maniacal synth. And it’s just one guy. ...Reptoid crafts complex mathcore that rests on the same echelon as that of The Locust, Daughters and Lightning Bolt.”

--Invisible Oranges

Check out the video premiere of Reptoid's newest video, "Overlords," via Cvlt Nation, here.

Scum Supreme was recorded and mixed by Jordan Sobolew in Oakland, CA. Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering. The EP will be released on 7” vinyl on August 24th through Cool Room Records and Barcop Records, as well as digitally through all major outlets (including iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.). Preorder here.

Scum Supreme EP:
  1. Dead Planet
  2. The New Reality
  3. Overlords

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