Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SARIN + Decibel

“Canadian experimental metal outfit Sarin find their home somewhere between bright melodies that shine with each note and a maelstrom of blistering noise and doom.”
-Decibel Magazine

“This upcoming record, Darker Lakes, promises to be a somber ride through a fog laden forest of sounds and emotions...”
-Metal Injection

Listen to Sarin's latest track, "Amber Guide," via Decibel Magazine, here.

Sarin’s newest LP, Darker Lakes, will be released digitally via Bandcamp as well as on vinyl through Zegema Beach (NA), Dingleberry Records, Arkan Records, and Dead Punx (all EU) on July 25th.

Preorder digital album here | Preorder vinyl here.

Darker Lakes LP:

  1. Ice Wrought
  2. Amber Guide
  3. Darker Lakes I - Moraine
  4. Embers Circling Downwards
  5. Darker Lakes II - Crater
  6. Bloom
  7. Ocean Burn
  8. Darker Lakes III - Glacial
  9. Low Moon

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