Friday, June 23, 2023

Out today: SEEK - Kokyou De Shinu Otoko

Kokyou De Shinu Otoko, the new album by Osaka, Japan trio Seek, is out today on Silent Pendulum Records.

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Translated to English as "The Man Dies in His Hometown," Kokyou De Shinu Otoko is Seek's first full-length, despite forming more than 20 years ago. Seek unleashes storms of blackened hardcore with great emotional depth, recommended for fans of Neurosis' tormented post-metal, Acme's infernal crust, and of newer bands like Hexis and Downfall of Gaia.

July 6 - Osaka, Japan @ Hokage (w/ So Hideous)
July 7 - Nagoya, Japan @ Huck Finn (w/ So Hideous)
July 8 - Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan @ Cosmic Hall (w/ So Hideous)
July 9 - Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan @ Antiknock (w/ So Hideous)

"50 minutes of blackened hardcore."

"A dark, raw affair."
–New Noise

"Seek kicks ass."
–Toilet ov Hell

"An experience that towers and sweeps in the scale of its catastrophe... A sonic and emotional powerhouse of blackened hardcore."
–No Clean Singing

"Within its corrosive tones and restless bursts, woeful riffs of despair and mourning emerge."

"A very uncomfortable, very unpleasant experience. It's peppered with moments of light, though... The production is incredible. It's cold, it's dark... It's a very claustrophobic and, at times, intoxicating listen."
–Metal Epidemic

"An emotional listening experience, dragged forward by the intensity of the vocals and brought to crashing conclusions by thrilling drum performances. It's a record that reminds us exactly why Japanese black metal is so exciting and forces listeners to come to terms with their own inherent darkness."
–Two Guys Metal Reviews

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