Friday, June 2, 2023

Out today: KONINGSOR - Death Process

Death Process, the new EP by Koningsor, is out today on Silent Pendulum Records.

Toiling in the Austin scene since 2016 – releasing three EPs and sharpening its craft by way of shows with the likes of Norma Jean and Lorna Shore – mathcore rippers Koningsor reached the point of collapse before finding the strength and inspiration to finish the new EP, Death Process. Drummer Andy Sadler explains: "Josh, Paul, and I all had parents pass away during the recording process. Josh lost his mother, Paul and I both lost our fathers. The album title and all the lyrics are about the struggle that came from the pain and the mix of emotions brought about by their losses."

Stream the EP, here:

More info:

“Guitars are violent and coarse, yet composed and precise. The rhythm section is like the mechanical rabbit at a dog race coaxing top speeds out of the riffs and melodies, but command supreme power itself – drums stampede through your skull while the bass rattles your spinal column. The vocals top it all off with a searing quality to them, well-enunciated while still matching the chaos of the instrumentation. This is rough, tough mathcore, brought up a notch."

“If y’all love wild and heavy hard-/mathcore not unlike that of The Dillinger Escape Plan or Botch, then you need to pay attention… A wonderful, neatly eclectic, and wholly ass-blasting piece of heavy music.”
–Everything Is Noise

"Frenzied mathcore... Double-bass drumming and nimble string manipulation, teetering on the edge of chaos and control." 

"The new EP from Austin mathcore outfit Koningsor was written and recorded against the backdrop of three of their four members each losing a parent, and it really doesn’t take much to hear that in the music. Everyone grieves in their own way, but 'Death Process' in particular manages to capture the feelings of anguish, fury and chaos that so often come with the experience of loss."
–Distorted Sound

Photo of Koningsor, by Travis Seekrits

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