Friday, May 8, 2020

ASEITAS - False Peace

ASEITAS: extreme metal experimentalists announce epic sophomore album "False Peace"; new track streaming

Aseitas announces the July 10th release of sophomore album False Peace.

Stream new track "Scalded," from False Peace, here:

From Portland, Oregon, Aseitas belongs to an echelon of extreme metal bands prevailing on two fronts simultaneously: challenging the mind while punching the gut. Equally progressive and savage, Aseitas marries the far-reaching and heady with the grounded and visceral.

Sophomore album False Peace is a courageous 72-minute journey, dense with musical ideas. Aseitas deals in a wildly adventurous brand of death metal that veers freely into noise and post-rock realms.

Over the course of 11 tracks – ranging from 2 minutes to a sprawling 16 minutes in length – Aseitas unfurls dizzying shred, soaring melody, pensive interludes, and hideous slime-grooves. 
Aseitas has burned the rule books and created an album of vivid color that should thrill fans of any and all forms of adventurous music. The band name, very fittingly, is defined as "total autonomy of one's existence."

The band members list King Crimson, Gojira, and Jute Gyte as three of their influences; while those reference points do not fully define Aseitas' sound, they do help paint the picture of where the band is coming from. It comes as no surprise that Gorguts guitarist Kevin Hufnagel chose to lend his skills to a track on the band's self-titled 2018 album.

"We are advancing the most sinister material to date," states guitarist Gage Dean. "'False Peace' needed to be a more punishing and abstract experience – like, if our debut album took bath salts and grew a second set of fangs and scales."

Lyrically, he says, "this album deals with the struggles of introspection, and how self-confrontation often manifests as penance or malignancy."

False Peace was recorded at Type Foundry and Hynerpeton Studios in Portland, Orgeon. The album was mixed by Aseitas vocalist Nathan Nielson and mastered by Brad Boatright (Full of Hell, Gatecreeper). Unlike many metal albums of today, the production here conveys a natural sound that leaves the passion of the musicians' performances intact.

The album artwork was created by Noah Cutter Meihoff.

With False Peace, Aseitas has raised the bar for the entire metal community in 2020. Fans of intelligently crushing bands such as Car Bomb, Pyrrhon, and Artificial Brain, in particular: take heed.

1) False Peace
2) Scalded
3) Impermanence
4) Horse of Turin
5) Chrism
6) Spite/Sermon
7) Crucible
8) Blood into Oil
9) The Value in Degradation
10) Behemoth's Dance
11) Pieces

Nathan Nielson - vocals, noises
Gage Dean - vocals, guitar, bass
Jonah Badden - guitar
Travis Forencich - fretless guitar, guitar, noises
Zack Rodrigues - drums

Demo, 2017, self-released
Aseitas, 2018, self-released
False Peace, 2020, Lizard Brain Records

Band photo by Sam Forencich

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